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Default Re: 2015 March/April Set 3

DarkZtar finished the primary judge task for March/April 2015 Set 3. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the March/April 2015 thread.

[4/10] i fucking hate mussels {goreshit} (HeZe)
-13.109 This layering scheme is overly heavy/bland in the sense you’re going from singles to the claps, to jumps to the kick + clap, to here where you have jumps to all the kicks. This feels overly lazy since you’re just putting jumps to everything that’s being acknowledged at all. I’d recommend saving jumps for the kick + clap instances (basically all the 4ths) in this section, and trimming the 8ths and 16ths to single notes.
-15.632 should be a hand
-19.277 Suddenly dropping acknowledgement of the clap is really weird, even if it was done to further accent the kick rhythmn.
-20.118 should be a hand
-21.240 patterning here for the filler jumps feels very random. Here you have 4 repeating [23] jumps and in later instances when you have the same general motif the jumps change. This sort of thing is also relevant at 22.221 when you have the 8th jump share 1 note anchor, but in other instances of 8th jumps to the same musical repetition you have either a repeated jump, or a jump that shares no anchor notes. All this adds up to making the jump placement feel very arbitrary/random.
-22.501 I don’t hear a vocal sample on this 8th
-24.184 Something like this is what you should have done in the intro, but since you have singles on the 8th and 16th here this is now just inconsistent with what you have in the intro since the intro was all jumps.
-24.604 should be a hand (at this point though im not sure, you had hands in the intro, but on the crashes after the intro when the layering should beef up more, you have jumps to the crashes.) Either way there are many many other crashes that I’d recommend you put hands to since you had hands in the intro.
-26.006, 26.567 why are these suddenly single notes?
-28.389, 28.670, 28.950 the vocal samples on the 8ths here shouldn’t be jumps, they should be treated the same way you treated vocals on the 8ths previously (with just singles)
-31.614 the vocal patterning you had previously was either a slow trill or alternating notes. Having an anchor chain to the vocal pattern here just further accents the feel that the patterning in the file is largely random.
-37.221, 37.501 these should be single notes
-37.572 there should be 16ths in here (or something similar to 16ths, didn’t check the precise rhythm, but regardless the vocals aren’t straight 8ths (this issue happens several other times in the file)
-55.445 same as 37.572
-41.4707 jump placement is off. This jumps should be on the 8th after it.
^ Jump placement to the kicks throughout this section is inconsistent and should be looked over. (43.810 etc)
-66.240 missing 8th jumps
-69.044 ghost jump
-70.726 same as 66.240
-having white notes to the vocal samples as a common theme is alright, but it almost feels like all of the focus of the file was put into making the file look interesting with the instances of trills/jumps with split colored notes with the rest of the file being stepped as an afterthought. Patterning feels exceedingly random and there are many instances of inconsistent layering.

[3/10] is it {goreshit} (HeZe)
-14.012 layering starts to unravel here. With the previous instance of 32nds it was understandable dropping the 16th jump to the kick in favor of keeping the 32nds more playable, but there aren’t 32nds here to interfere with maintaining your layering scheme by putting a jump on this 8th.
-14.672 this 16th jump goes to the clap which you’ve specifically made single notes up to this point.
-17.580 this 16th should be dropped based on what you’ve been doing previously
-19.034 More than half of the 16ths in the two measures starting here are either ghost notes, or misrhythms (the vocal samples toward the end of the 2nd measure.
-23.719 Layering here is inconsistent and feels extremely lazily done. Jumps on all the 4ths, even when the 4ths are different sounds, and neither of the sounds that show up on the alternating 4ths are consistently accented with jumps when they appear outside of the 4ths. (Eg. 24.320 jump is a kick, while the kick at 24.716 is a single)
-35.619 ghost 32nd
-36.214, 37.271, 38.329 ghost 8ths (this also might be what makes the previous instance of 16th jacks feel so inaccurate.
-40.179 alright, generalizing rhythms is alright in lower end files, or when the sounds are kinda ambiguous. But you have 227 jumpstream later on in the file, and the sounds are pretty clear and easy to follow. This section needs to be redone, with the rhythms followed accurately and flat layering (the jumps to denote the highest pitches just doesn’t work here)
-57.095 nothing really changes from the previous section but you randomly change to just having 8th jumps? The 8th kicks im assuming you’re following dont come in until 63.439 at the earliest.
^Additionally this whole buildup section just feels so bland with nothing but 8ths jumps. The jumps aren’t even accurate before 63.439 anyway.
-74.540 notes to the vocal should be single notes, unless the jumps are to denote the overlapping vocals in which case there are a looooot of missing notes here.
-76.126 highly generalized 16th stream so im just gonna give general stream pattern tips since this whole section plays very poorly. Avoid long anchors (more than 3 notes) if they don’t go to anything (none of the anchors you currently have go to anything). The generalized static sound continues throughout the whole section so you shouldn’t suddenly cut out the filler 16ths when the kicks follow more aggressive patterns. Try to avoid constant staircase pinching patterns like at 96.875 since these strain the hands unevenly and make the jumpstream more unpleasant to deal with than it needs to be.
-112.601 lot of missing notes to vocals
-134.936, 140.487, 142.601 missing jumps
^this whole section is suuuuuuuuper bland/boring compared to what the music offers.
-more generalized 16th stream, same comments apply.
-194.539 main thing here is that the 8th anchor chains you have are all different lengths which makes this whole section feel super awkward. Also all the 16ths in this section are generalized inaccurately.
-210.729 this 16th should be on the 16th after the 8th.
-This needs a substantial overhaul. When >80% of the file is either highly generalized or bland to the point where the music is largely ignored, you barely feel like you’re actually pressing keys to the music, and that’s a big no-no when making files.

[5.5/10] Leningrad Vodka Rush {Zabutom} (PrawnSkunk)
-13.489 You really should keep following PR with the 4ths since your 8th jumps don’t strictly follow the pr of the main synth anyway.
-18.539 the layering schemes shift pretty quickly and kinda seem to be dictated by how many 16ths you have to fill in. Not necessarily a negative but it feels a bit odd to play since the sections play quite differently even though the music is practically the same.
-20.433 generalizing the buzzes as 16ths is kinda iffy, mostly because you already have correct rhythm 16ths immediately before and after it. I’ll leave the call up to you but personally I’d just go ham with 32nds.
-20.827 missing 16th
-22.563 missing 16th
-25.720 missing 16th
-30.454 remove this 16th
-30.927 missing 16th
-31.046 ghost 32nd (the drum roll is only 3 notes and starts on the 16th)
-40.869 missing 16th
-48.208 the 16ths are continuous throughout this measure. Dropping the ones you did to emphasize the jumptrill seems deliberate but you really should fill them in.
-50.890 this should be treated similarly to 48.208
-67.224 missing 16th
-68.486 missing 16th
-72.274 missing 16th
-74.799 missing 16th
-76.219 ← general note, having jumptrills to the 3 rapid kick repetitions feels very inconsistent. Sometimes you have it when the kick repetition shows up and sometimes you don’t. It’s fine either way, just make it consistent
-77.324 missing 16th
-77.560 the synth does a fast pitch bend here that you completely ignore, this is the same synth you’ve been acknowledging previously so it really shouldn’t be ignored here.
-79.849 missing 16th
-92.085 you should have made the intro section with the buzzes similar to this one.
-101.869 going from a rather active/layered section to a very plain unlayered string of 8ths feels odd when the music has more going on rather than less.
-120.806 generalizing the buzzes as jumps within 16th stream is weird since you’ve already shown you were willing to use 32nds to represent the buzzes, and you represent the buzzes after this jumpstream with 32nds.
You’ve got a real good foundation, but there are numerous missing notes, some inconsistent layering, and many instances of generalization that should probably be dropped. My recommendation is just go ham and represent all the buzzes with accurate 32nds since you already did that in one of the sections. Clean all that up and this should be good to go.

[6.5/10] {potato-tan} (PrawnSkunk)
-I had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate mp3 so my timings might vary a bit from yours
-2.718 ghost 16th
-9.140 ghost 16th
-11.346 should be a single note (the lower synth doesn’t play on this note) *looking at this more closely the lower synth is actually very ambiguous here but it definitely should only have 1 jump associated with it.
-section up until 58.132 the 4th layering in here doesn’t really accent anything in particular and feels like it was put in because you felt like you needed to have some layering in here but you weren’t sure what to layer. I’d recommend putting jumps to the percussion you accented previously in the section leading up to this one, but it’s up to you, but as it stands right now the 4th layering just kinda feels like it’s there just for the sake of having some layering.
-76.891 some of these 16ths feel like ghost notes in the sense that they go to stuff you’ve consistently ignored throughout the rest of the file, double check this section.
-83.143 same thing as 11.346
-110.546 make the 4ths/8ths white here for consistency
Choosing to ignore a lot of the more intricate percussion instances makes the file a lot less interesting than it could be, but there's not much technically wrong with the file as is, it just feels very plain. Look for ways to make the file more interesting through more/varied layering.

[4/10] $ M O L O C H $ {keffie} (PrawnSkunk)
-3.050 missing 16th
-3.263 missing 16th
-5.338 missing 8th
-5.869 should be a jump
-10.763 missing 8th
-11.508 considering you are willing to push 24th stream nps in this file you should at least acknowledge the pitch bend here (generalized 24ths would work well)
-11.827 layering starts to unravel here, these jumps go to the snare but you also have jumps going to the cymbal rides like at 12.678 that are wildly inconsistent (12.146 should be a jump, other instances in this section)
-16.629 missing 16th
-18.775 missing 16th
-23.083 misrhythm here, the synth doesn’t follow straight 16ths
-23.721 ^ same thing here
-24.519 pitch bend ends on the 16th here, would be better to make this three 32nds.
-24.838 missing notes to acknowledge the synth that you’ve been focusing on up till this point.
^ there’s a lot of missing notes to the arpeggiated synth in general in this section
-25.476 more missed notes
-27.604 more missed notes to the synth
-30.210 missing 8th
-34.997 generalized as 16ths is fine, but be aware the rhythm here isn’t straight 16ths
-43.189 missing 8th
-44.412 missing 16th
-45.423 missing notes to the synth that you acknowledged leading up to 44.359
-47.071 more missing notes
-50.476 ^
-55.369 pitch bend here is 3 32nds starting on the 16th
-56.273 I’m all for deliberately focusing on specific elements to highlight them at times, but the fact that you’ve ignored the high pitched synth here, when it had been the focus of the previous time this musical section came around, as well as a generally highlighted musical element throughout the file feels super lazy.
^ hand usage in this section is suspect too
-62.975 missing jump
-63.241 this 16th should be acknowledged since you have jumps to the snares prior
-63.614 should be a jump
I think you’ve kind of got a general idea of what needs to happen to get this file in game ready shape. Looking over the rest of the file reveals a lot of the same errors in similar sections and the same inconsistencies in layering/melody acknowledgement. The basic idea and structure for a good file is there, but there are a lot of technical holes that need to be filled before this is ready.
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