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Default Re: TWG CLV: Boats

in case I die tonight

shado top town
charu after that
MML is putting in a lot of work, towny for that even though his logic doesn't always line up. He made this comment to me earlier which also sounded pretty towny as well:

MixMasterLar - Today at 12:01 AM
Knowing what you know about Kancolle, how do you feel fractions are divided up?
Like, I would guess 9 -2 -2

gradiant I think I was too eager to townread early on off of our conversation, I was trying to find town too quickly. That said, he's been towny this game and I don't think my initial read is wrong, especially how he's been suspicious of a lot of people. pretty good at the moment

DBP is doing work but the presence of multiple factions (assuming there are wolves lol) makes the townread a bit diluted

runescape is better after the voice chat, ok for now

roundbox hasn't done anything to make me think he's wolfy and follow the vote is always good, but I'm not getting as strong of a feeling that he's town as I normally do. we'll see what happens

xelnya is kind of in the same boat as roundbox



will tell

people to look at:

people who are unhelpful but idk what to do with: red blaster

pikakirby123 reincarnated

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