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Default Re: Queue/Batch Discussion Thread v2 [Regular batch: OPEN]

10/10/2015 Update: The September/October 2014 Batch now has all sets of notes completed. The posts in the Batch Review Thread have been edited to include all three sets, as well as the supplementary notes for Set 2 and Set 3.

Currently I am only able to post the Set 1 Finalized File Results. Set 2 will be coming when Silvuh becomes available again. The Batch Search Engine will be updated with the status for Set 1 shortly, and now all three bootstrap alerts for September/October 2014 will be green. It's about time.

September/October 2014, Set 1

Accepted into Queue

Game Genie
Gangsters Paradise (Candyland's OG Remix)
Wheelpower & Go
Drunk Crunk Franken

Conditional Queue

Reason: Accepted by only one judge out of three

Belly Dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [Standard]

Reason: Light Acceptance (6.7 - 7.5)

Lovely City
Belly Dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [Heavy]
[Resubmission] Phantom of the Opera
Ongaku -kaiongaku mix-
[Resubmission] They Kidnapped the Princess
Azul (Remix)

Reason: Particular fix requested by all three judges

59.75s: This 48th pattern should play better

** Wheelpower & Go (MarioNintendo) still earns 1 SAP, although the version from DarkZtar got a higher rating and the difficulty is too similar for a v2.
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