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Almost easy A7X
Posted on: December 22, 2008, at 09:16:15am   [0 comments]

Bird and Worm - The Used
Posted on: December 16, 2008, at 09:19:10pm   [0 comments]

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FearFlyingMonkeyOfJupiter writes...
at 2:41:10pm on 11/3/09
Good i Guess. I'm sick.
FearFlyingMonkeyOfJupiter writes...
at 5:17:22pm on 10/22/09
Bonjour. :]
FearFlyingMonkeyOfJupiter writes...
at 4:07:45pm on 1/10/09
Its been awhile. . . I miss you Ed. I won't lie about that. I'd love to talk to you again.
Luigi_the_second writes...
at 12:15:03pm on 12/22/08
cold as always huh edward? well i can be cold too when i feel like it. but whats the point. it aint fun. :P
Luigi_the_second writes...
at 2:17:32pm on 12/17/08
dont bother my sister edward only i have the rigth of that. so close to winter break man! r u lookin foward to it?
Luigi_the_second writes...
at 9:27:56am on 12/14/08
i mean who*
Luigi_the_second writes...
at 9:27:30am on 12/14/08
*smirks* i know how u r mr. edward
FearFlyingMonkeyOfJupiter writes...
at 2:51:05pm on 7/25/08
Novus_Seclorum writes...
at 11:12:54am on 5/23/08
Hells 2 the Mutha fu<k!n yeah, Go fullmetal!!! I kinda like Mustang too, I think a lil' more than edward though...
Vaetrus writes...
at 6:24:08pm on 3/2/08
Hm, if only that actually happened to Ed. Would be cool... better then what's going on in the manga atm.
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