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b-boy_teck writes...
at 9:16:56am on 11/30/08
hey wuts up how u doin
Brian889 writes...
at 10:20:18am on 9/9/08
Hello, how is your day? :) I'm bored I'm sorry
Souzouteki writes...
at 6:50:46pm on 9/4/08
Thumbz up dudette.
Bbturtle writes...
at 6:39:18pm on 9/4/08
BOLOBABY writes...
at 7:20:00pm on 8/31/08
Im Good!!! :D:D:D
Emperors's_Marine writes...
at 11:08:29am on 8/30/08
Howdy, quite a simple, yet lovely profile, haha. I'm new here, so I just lookin around, and I'm a firend of Bburtle's. Nice to meet ya.
Bow before the cuteness of this space marine, haha!
Carlos1789 writes...
at 9:22:40am on 8/30/08
So whats ur name ? :) Am Carlos
Felhunter writes...
at 6:06:36am on 8/30/08
haha no problems :D im doing good myself.. a little tired but still good :P
BOLOBABY writes...
at 11:47:35pm on 8/29/08
Lol Howa You???
Felhunter writes...
at 6:34:34pm on 8/29/08
hey :) welcome to FFR! how are you?
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