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How goes it peoples my name is Chris I'm in the 10th grade I'm a pretty simple person. I listen to music, play xbox (because the PS3 sucks donkey balls) but yea thats pretty much it.
Xbox, Computers, Setting stuff on fire, and watching things explode into little itty-bitty pieces :D!
Fav Music:
I pretty much listen to anything but I don't like rap no offense to those who do like rap but I don't even really consider it music. My favorite groups are Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dragon Force, Guns N' Roses, Breaking Benjamin and a few more but I'll stop it at that.
Fav Movies:
As far as favorite movies go I cant say I really remember any movies I preferred over others. I pretty much like any movies I watch.
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rushyrulz writes...
at 2:52:00pm on 9/6/09
Well hey, at least you don't have vista. D=
rushyrulz writes...
at 4:25:48pm on 9/1/09
lawl FFR.. did you get a new computer that plays FFR better. If I recall correctly, lit was a challenge to even get the speakers to work.
demongirl123 writes...
at 2:05:49pm on 8/8/08
nice gaia avi
Excalibur35 writes...
at 6:00:28pm on 5/16/08
your gaian avatar looks nice ^-^
KILLER202 writes...
at 8:52:48pm on 8/24/07
Nice profile!(Thumbs up)
isgoanrain writes...
at 8:21:43pm on 8/24/07
nice Avatar hahah
froggyrulz1 writes...
at 7:39:43pm on 8/1/07
How'd you make that header? O_o
froggyrulz1 writes...
at 7:38:43pm on 8/1/07
Lol I fced straight to the video xD
phantom99 writes...
at 8:22:59pm on 7/21/07
anyone who gives me thumbs up on my profile gets atleast 50 credits by 10 days
rushyrulz writes...
at 9:00:06am on 7/10/07
was in Florida, dad told u next tuesday when it was rly next next tuesday... sry. I'm home now and am going to call in 3..2..1.. WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY!!
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