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MUSIC!!!!, hanging out with friends, and sports
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My Chemical Romance!!!!!!!!!!
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mostly action movies LOTR and Ghost Rider r some good 1s
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Furby127 writes...
at 4:46:34pm on 8/21/07
i liked ur conv. with wats her face
kooliogurl101 writes...
at 12:08:36am on 7/4/07
u know what i meant!
BlackFireKyo writes...
at 3:19:49pm on 7/1/07
xD yeah... sleeping is what i love to do x3
2daHeartGrenade writes...
at 7:58:10am on 6/22/07
nice avatar!
Crips_Wear_Blue writes...
at 8:25:19pm on 6/17/07
2daHeartGrenade writes...
at 6:25:22pm on 6/16/07
yay u like MCR and AAR! gave u a thumbs up. ^_^
Crips_Wear_Blue writes...
at 5:13:32pm on 6/16/07
u stupid. lol
BlackFireKyo writes...
at 9:07:33am on 6/16/07
You're Welcome!! and thanks! ^__^
BlackFireKyo writes...
at 9:08:28pm on 6/8/07
I like your avatar! ^^ It's creative :O Very cool!
kooliogurl101 writes...
at 11:34:23pm on 5/19/07
well thts just too bad cuzur pretty hott for your age!
and i know im a duck... ha!
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