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Salutations. I'm scampe, or straivosky, and from Melbourne in Australia. I've been here my entire life, only leaving the house for tiny little breaks. Get to know me and we could be friends. I love you Drayk.
I'm interested in astrophysics and a bundle about space. It just intrigues me how there's is blobs and blobs of matter floating away through the cosmos. What confuses me the most about the creation of this ostensibly miserable universe is how it is created. A causative time loop? We will never know.
Fav Music:
Hmm... let's see. I quite like the genre of Australian rock, like Midnight Oil or TISM. I also quite like Weird Al Yankovic, including songs like "Foil" or "Eat It". One of my favourite lyrics of all times is probably from a Midnight Oil song and goes as "You talk of times of peace for all, and then prepare for war". My favourite song ever would probably be "Greg! The Stop Sign!" by TISM.
Fav Movies:
Favourite movies... let's see... I really like Megamind and Divergent. I don't really watch movies too much, I just watch TV. Mostly the news on 24, but my favourite TV shows would be Futurama and The Flash.
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Drayk writes at 10:00:12pm on 9/6/19
Your profile is awesome scampe! Welcome back to the game. And thanks so much for the bit about me hahaha, love you too bro <3 :D
straivosky writes at 9:01:42pm on 9/6/19
look at me... scampe! welp, I changed accounts. and i have nothing, so an add would be greatly appreciated.