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hii im jessica :]. so, normally i spend a shit load of time writing out one of these, but really, 97 % of you arent even going to look at it anyways. im not very complicated. be nice to me and ill be nice back. truthfully, you can probly be a bitch to me and ill be even nicer, just to get you to like me. im not going to try and act all cool and pretend i dont care about what you think of me, because i do. im not going to pretend i think im king shit and i should be famous, because i dont. im very immature and loud and strange. theres a good chance you'll think im annoying or slightly retarded and most deffnetely stupid. but hey, thats just who i am. its how people know me and what people use to describe me. i really dont look anything like my pictures, or, at least i dont think i do. i also act alot diffrently in real life than on myspace. but who doesnt ? The thing is, i could go on and on about myself here for hours, and those of you who actually took the time to read it would know a few random facts about me, but if you really want to get to know me you have to talk. im really nice, really.
dance, music, concerts, friends, myspace, hahahaha.
Fav Music:
escape the fate; hit the lights; the used; dr acula; vanna; etc
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Brandon Negron writes...
at 2:00:32pm on 6/12/11
you are beautyful
danceswitharrows writes...
at 7:53:14pm on 12/15/09
five one nine? as in Kitchener? cool, me 2. add me?
melodyz writes...
at 6:27:51pm on 11/2/09
my gosh your gorgeous !
sunglassesatnight writes...
at 8:01:59am on 5/1/09
i love you jesskuh!!
JeanLuclariviere writes...
at 11:50:37am on 2/7/09
hello lol...
B!RDM4N writes...
at 6:59:14pm on 9/19/08
im doin pretty good, cept being sick this week :/
hope you have a good sweet sixteen !
wanna play me at MP sometime?
B!RDM4N writes...
at 10:36:18am on 9/17/08
hey how are you doing these days?
AMD66 writes...
at 12:43:30pm on 9/4/08
Why are the girls on FFR so good at this game? :p
See ya!
j3sse corpse writes...
at 8:44:25pm on 9/2/08
your cute-er babe =]
Corriinee. writes...
at 2:20:37pm on 7/1/08
hey, you're really pretty! :D! haha
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