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8th Official Tournament
Posted on: January 22, 2013, at 04:29:24pm

Placed in Division 2 right meow, and apprehensive since I only made it to Round 4 in D1 in the 7th OT :/ Thinking maybe I should still be in D1 but we'll see. Maybe I moved up since there's an extra division this time?

.......yup I'm screwed lol.

First Round: Swaying Sunflowers-AAA
Ok...up to...uhh 17 plays on the first song, Swaying Sunflowers. Got a blackflag so only one thing to do from here. That's the only thing bad about a blackflag it's like "heyyy i improved from 51 goods to 13, then 7 now all i have to do is lower that, ok got 3 goods sweet i only got one good now i just have to...shit." HHHNNNNNGGGGGGGG

YES!!! Thank sweet baby jesus, onto Round 2!!

Round 2: Wonder World!-AAA
This song's pretty cool, nice and short ;) right now i have a 2G and i'll try to get the AAA tomorrow. It's easier than i expected *knock on wood* and i almost want to say this round's gonna be AAA or die for D2 o.O but we'll see...

BAH 3 blackflags so far for this song >=( not cool, bro. don't worry 5 people who bet on me, I won't let you down! :D

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha..ha...heh. i did a happy dance!

Wheeeee 6 people voted for me! I feel like Sally Field. impatiently awaiting round 3...

Round 3: ice valley "beyond the searoad"-AAA
ugh i played a few quick rounds last night but the lag was terrible so i only got a 16 clean before i went to sleep. and it bothered me all day seeing my name sink lower and lower into death...but i managed to claw my way out pretty fast once i got home :) i like all the songs D2 got so far and this one's pretty catchy as long as i don't play it over a thousand times like firebird...that damn song. anyways, back to bees-ness.
Now i'm sulking >:( those 3 sets of burst thingies in the middle make me choke every time, i just can't seem to wrap my mind around how fast i need to go/what notes to hit. my fingers go derp! i don't even know how i managed to scratch up a 3 clean on it, now i can barely make it past the middle without like 9. i've been practicing the isolation file but i can only do like 4 goods. *sigh*
The smallest possible steps!! 3 to 2. but it's still improvement :D
Ok, got a blackflag! now i can has AAA? i got the blackflag while playing around a kitty on my lap too so i'm prepared for any distraction that should come my way...
OMG finally. a bit nervous for round 4 lol

Round 4: ULTRAnumb-AAA
2/13 the good news is i knocked it down to 4G pretty quickly and now i'm at 3G after a few more plays. bad new is 10 people have already AAAd and i smell a AAA or die round which did NOT bode well for me last time. >=( prepare your anus, keyboard, cause my fingers are gonna be all up in there till i AAA this song.
2/14 ughhhhh i'm sitting on a blackflag and i'm still not safe. but i keep forgetting it's still early in the round it's not like i have to do it by tonight. i just need to calm my tits and everything will be fine.
2/15 omg i'm so happy i could cry :D i've been mad since last night cause my fingers were derpy and then the engine was lagging. i totally thought i was gonna f it up at the end too, i was sooooo nervous. AAAing all 4 rounds is a huge accomplishment for me and i'm really happy i did it this round cause that would've just been mean if both tournaments i got eliminated round 4 by AAA or die. YAY! now i gotta go skill boost like it's nobody's business...
2/16 wowww officially AAA or die and there's still 3 days left o.O and there's prolly gonna be at least one or two more which just means more competition for the top 8 spots...*glares determinedly*

Round 5: Futari, Hajimari.-1094/3/0/0/0
2/20 well last night i managed a 6G on our new song and today i'm wondering how i did that lol haven't managed to sdg it since. *sigh* but i reeeealllly want vRofl...
2/22 ok...improved by one good and managed to get out from under the line, but not safe by far :( k, my wrists are officially hurting lol time to stop for tonight i think.
2/23 yeah! managed 3 goods! not safe yet though.
2/24 up to exactly as many plays as ice valley and it seems i get worse every time i play it :( it's like i'm missing a couple parts so i practice and practice and screenshot them and figure it out and then i'm like "cool, now i can do those parts perfectly" but then my brain's all "but wait, there's more!!" and then i start messing up parts that i could do perfectly before so i have to figure those parts out..........and it just goes on and on...never give up!!! never surrender. keep it secret. keep it safe. no luke, i am your father. yup i'm cracking up *eye twitches*

Round 5 1/2: Move It Groove It (Heavy)-1081/11/1/0/0
2/26 omg i was soooooo scared the last hours of round 5. even so, Garquillex and i are tied right now and they're waiting till they fix the issues with the site till we play the tie breaker *gulp* i'm wondering what song it's gonna be, a new song or an old song. ugh ffr is being so annoying right now though i can literally only get on just long enough to get to one page at a time before the site goes back down, and last night when i was trying to play for like 4 hours it was doing the same thing. guess we just have to wait now...
3/1 7:00 PM Server Time-wellllll....not looking to good over here, i have a 11/1/0/0 right now, but Garquillex has a 6/0/0/3 soooo...yeah. Now i have to drive 3 hours and then i'll be able to play for a couple more before 12 server time but i'm not too sure :/
3/3 welp i'm out. life took priority over whoring the song for a couple more hours, so now i get to try again for vRofl by playing a different song. kinda disappointed i didn't make it to top 8 but really at the beginning of the tournament i thought i was screwed cause i was put in D2 instead of D1 so i guess i did ok lol.


Special Round: Overdrive (aaronmusslewhite)-1214/47/6/3/11
3/3 *gulp*

Round 7 (ghost): LUV CAN SAVE U-???
3/7 ughhhh...didn't get vRofl...i'm tired :( i think i need a break from ffr for a little bit. sometimes i find that if i play a lot and then come back after a break i get better. unfortunately there's no time for that in tournaments. i think i'll play each rounds song a couple times just to see how i do but other than that i think ima rest my poor hands. it's been fun though. and D2's insane. all ya'll mofos.