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Im a table games dealer for a casino in good ole Minnesota! I like to live in the moment while life unfolds. I have no control over what will happen, but i choose to influence the future by living in happiness.
Im an avid Halo 5 player. Champion rank 121 in Slayer. My interests are Champion rank: 1! Pm me for my gamer tag!
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I listen to whatever stimulates my mind.
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kmay writes...
at 3:20:27pm on 2/17/11
shouldnt take you too long
kmay writes...
at 3:15:13pm on 2/17/11
ill be watching
kmay writes...
at 8:18:16pm on 2/16/11
still waiting for your AAA count to pass mine
Forlorn Radiance writes...
at 11:33:38pm on 1/20/11
haha thanks, there's a reason it says is awesome, cause i pretty much am :p
but thanks for the mp tonight, i had a blast and learned this little phone's net can handle it.
it was fun having you hand me my ass for about half an hour
Forlorn Radiance writes...
at 11:30:04pm on 1/20/11
thanks man, just waiting for it to register thru on my end.
Ninty64 writes...
at 1:17:22am on 1/20/11
lol I wouldn't be surprised
krazyoreo writes...
at 8:58:59am on 1/18/11
YAY :). your my 600th voter. thanks for making me reach my goal n vote back<33:)
Im Vince writes...
at 5:59:44pm on 1/14/11
haha okay, i'm waiting bro :P
Im Vince writes...
at 7:27:37pm on 1/13/11
A vote! :D
kmay writes...
at 11:09:12am on 1/1/11
ill hold you to that
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