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page 3 of chapter 2
Posted on: September 15, 2008, at 05:11:43pm

She was partly demon so she wouldn’t be able to remember things? Was this just a trick as well? Was she just trying to get me really mad and kill her? The demon must hate Winter. The demon must want me to kill her.

“Really?” I asked smirking at the demon, “What is the reason you are killing me exactly?”

“You killed my true friend and lover. You killed him and now I must kill you.” She answered pushing the sword closer to my neck almost cutting it.

“And what if I said I would bring your lover to life and would never kill him again if you don’t kill me?” I asked still smirking at her.

“Impossible. You can’t bring the dead back unless you use the spell that brings back the deadly demon that made the spell. Or you make my lover a vampire. Which I truly hate you vampire freaks.” She answered lifting her sword down and looking at me with red tinted eyes.

“Well I would do the spell but I don’t know it. I would have to go traveling to go get it to bring back your love. Mrs.…?”

“Danyellu Mayu is my name and I am not a “Mrs.”! I am Ms. Got it?” she asked smiling at me.

“Yes ma’am! But I have two requests from you if you would like your lover back.” I responded looking at Danyellu.

“And what would that be? Money, happiness, someone dead?” she asked.

“The first is that you come with me to get the spell. The second,” I crossed my arms and looked at the woman, “I want you to not make me try to kill you. I know Winter is your host and if I kill you I am killing Winter. So for all the both of us, please don’t.”

“Fine. I will come and not make me try to make you kill me.” She replied stepping a few steps away from me.

“But I want to talk to Winter about this as well Danyellu.” I said crossing my arms again and stared deeply in her eyes.


Danyellu hair started to get back to shoulder length. Her hair color started going back to the cute pixie looking neon blue with the black highlights. Her clothes went back to her shirt with black pants and boots. Her skin tone when back to normal and she was my little pixie again. My cute little cutie that is my friend forever and always.

  1. It's gettin' good! This one was a little confusing because of the promising not to kill parts. Just got a little weird in there. XP