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Good shit ol chap
Posted on: October 27, 2015, at 09:41:29pm

This is not really for you guys as much as me, but I keep finding songs I like to play and never take note of them. So I'm going to do that here, in little to no relevant detail.

1. Straight to video - my fav FFR song, own the album, and as a 3 min song gives the most points to me since I can't do harder songs. Good for practicing jumps.

2. elements - Apparently one day I FC'd this song, and haven't been able to play it ever since and do that. Without mashing at least. So for a minute of my time I shit on this song, or rather it shit on me haha

3. tron from hell - only on this list for now because in the current tourney it is there, I have 4 SDG on this and could be my best AAA if I get it

4. Through the martian hell - literally the reason I'm making this right now. I can definitely use this to get better at jacks and those bulk walls, but almost 500k for a minute is the best time to total ratie I can pull off. Mastering here will increase my skill no matter what

5. CIA Rave V2 seems pretty awesome. Only a 12 but for 1:58 I can net 800k so far, only FC'd once so far. Love the stream though.

6. Incognito v2

7. La Cereza Caliente, wow actually got 2 goods first try. Need to AAA soon!

8. Troglodytic Epica, wow 2 mil in 4 mins

9. Song For The Nihonjins - another 2 mil in 4 mins, but a lot easier than Epica

10. Shinryuu - I HAVE TO AAA THIS

11. Keep on Driving - I can improve on this, maybe even AAA dunno why my first score was so shitty

12. Heavy Danger

13. Prison Break

14. Fantasia

15. Sifon

16. Dr. Mario Pt. 1

17. Platypus

18. [waiting]