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Okkay lets get one thing straight I love me most of the time give it some time and I could love you too I am a HUUUUGE attention whore Im in love with my hair even if it makes me angry sometimes its knows i still love it pretty boys DONT CHANGE I DONT HAVE A KID AND IM EFFING 14 DONT BE A PERVERT YOU PEDOPHILES unless you're a hot pedophile....XD I PLAN ON MARRYING LIGHT YAGAMI AND MELLO!!!
ME!!!,theatre.anime...tons of others and I cant think at the moment
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My Chemical Romance,Nightmare,Maximum the horomone,Lostprophets,Mayday Parade,the devil wears prada,mindless self indulgence, OMG I CANT THINK OF ALL OF THEMMMMM
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: August 3, 2008, at 08:55:51pm   [0 comments]
The days are cold
happiness is nowhere
I now hear no laughter
you'll never be around

like neverending fountains
flow down my face
no one can comfort me

I'll wish u back
a thousand times
but you'll never be back
another reason to cry

My closest friends
still can't console me
life used to be so dreamy
but now its a nightmare

My tears are gone now
I can no longer cry
my seemingly endless supply
has been cried out

I didn't know you that well
sometimes we fought
but i still cared
and i still cried

I cant eat
i'll try to sleep
its hard to even breathe
knowing that you aren't

Posted on: August 2, 2008, at 01:17:22pm   [0 comments]
Eyes glazed over
staring out into the emptiness
nothing is to be seen
no ground
no sky
no down
no up
no darkness
just nothingness
No air to breathe,my choking gasps are hopeless.
Never prevailing
This place is barren
and I know tonight is
the night
my time to go
there's no one around anymore
no one to save me
to hold me
to scare me
I'll close my eyes and
go in peace.....

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backtothekitchen writes...
at 5:16:44pm on 11/13/09
Robpeters101 writes...
at 4:59:00pm on 11/9/09
Mattie294 writes...
at 10:10:06pm on 9/9/08
haha thats fer sure.
They should make school start at like 10 and get out at like 2 haha
and really? XD lol thts funny(:
Mattie294 writes...
at 10:03:27pm on 9/9/08
fuk i know. i havent had like at least 5 hours of sleep since school started haha It suks ass
Mattie294 writes...
at 9:53:03pm on 9/9/08
aha really?
nd nothin just been working on homework and shit for school
Mattie294 writes...
at 9:48:47pm on 9/9/08
I know! Watsup?
Gary99 writes...
at 5:45:13pm on 9/1/08
hey!! =D
яoderigo writes...
at 9:04:31pm on 8/21/08
its probably all disgusting and stuff now but if you want it then by all means ^^
but your gonna have to come here to get it O.o
яoderigo writes...
at 8:35:46pm on 8/21/08
thank you for the vote ^^
SithCait22 writes...
at 8:15:13pm on 8/21/08
But i think it would be amazingly funny =)
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