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My name is Adam. I'm 16. I live in Titusville, Florida. I'm best friends with other ffr player Coolboyrulez0.
Listening to music, Watching movies, riding my bike, playing video games, playing football and basketball, and hanging out with friends.
Fav Music:
My favorite bands are AC/DC, Metallica, Rammstein, Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, 3 Doors Down, Offspring, and Sublime.
Fav Movies:
All the 007 movies, all the Austin Powers movies, Mission Impossible 1, and tons of other movies.
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Winrar writes at 10:26:53pm on 1/6/13
Is this the Adam that I know or another?
DarknessXoXLight writes at 3:04:44am on 6/15/11
dat background, tis blue Red. *-*
dollphenfreek writes at 10:05:08pm on 6/11/11
hi how r u?
dollphenfreek writes at 1:57:20pm on 6/10/11
hi hows your day?
Roflbabymakerr writes at 12:43:44pm on 6/7/11
'I seem nice? I generally am, however, I know you are lying about Phynx asking you about being 19. I am not as unintelligent as most people. It was nice talking with you for I enjoy conversation during times of boredom, but, I will take my leave now. Guten Abend, Fraulein'
GG. I glanced at her page, and she told Jordan apparently she was 19, and then said some gibberish about being 17 to you. lawls.
ShadowMist writes at 8:27:52am on 6/7/11
Nice profile. ;)
Phynx writes at 3:08:16am on 6/7/11
Bahaha I enjoyed that post. Hi5
dollphenfreek writes at 2:52:25am on 6/7/11
my mom gets so freaken crazzy when it comes to computers lol shes like a mad lady with a hint of motherness lol you seem really nice sorry i hade to say it haha
dollphenfreek writes at 2:44:32am on 6/7/11
lol lucky haha with me no my mom wants me off @ 1:00 or no ffr 4 me lol
dollphenfreek writes at 2:39:26am on 6/7/11
nope 17 he asked if i was 19 lol but nope im 17