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FFR baby! :3 <3
Posted on: July 15, 2013, at 06:26:20pm

Those who don't have me on facebook, this news is a few months late ^^;

March 15th, just under 2hours labour, Corey Jae was born!! :D Healthy and happy! Right now he's 4 months old. He's never been a chubby baby but instead a long and rather intuitive boy. Definitely impresses other mothers! Red hair that usually has a natural fo-hawk going on and "old soul" blue eyes. YES we know that Jae and I don't have these features ourselves but Jae's father (along with two of my uncles) has red hair so it's not really a huge surprise.
He really loves to stand up but of course is still learning how to crawl. Looooves apple puree and always has a thinking/concentration face...unless we're making him smile and giggle :3

Hope to update more soon, uploaded some pics of him for you guys c: <3