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Last Round, finally! @___@
Posted on: August 26, 2012, at 04:04:31am

Yaaaaaay no more super stress for the husband getting the tournament all sorted :')

Although, I must say that I am pretty pissed off at a few people that I thought were reasonable and friendly. >:/ All because of a file, people have to say such unnecessary, overly-harsh things. I don't get it...I'm not just sticking up for my husband because he's my husband, IT'S A FILE, PEOPLE. Get the fuck over it. You're not forced to play it unless you're in D5. As for people in D5, it's a challenge, deal with it :| //sigh

It's all over now, so just had to let that out from my mind. Feel free to comment or whatever~

  1. The reason people got so fired up is because the file was put in by him when it was not put through the batch and accepted by the judges. Not only do people feel this unfair because they all have to go through the batch and then wait forever for their file to come out, they feel that it's power abuse on his part. So it's not "just a file" that people are upset about. If you put yourself in their shoes you can kinda get a better perspective of where they're coming from. Altho you don't step as far as I know so I'm not sure you can quite understand the feeling. I'm not going off a personal stance here, just putting down why people are pissed off. People would have gone just as nuts on me if I took one of my own files last tourney and stuck it in without it going through the batch.