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Taken and Happiest I've Ever Been <3
Posted on: June 8, 2011, at 02:08:53am

Yup, so I've been with mah boyfraaaaan for a good while now. Just felt like making a random thought about it, 'cause I can :O! WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT? <3
Anywayyy...yus, it is with the one and only Jae from FFR, people :3 jelly? ~nodnod~ 'tis what I figured. Plan on being together sort of forever sooooo deal with it, rahhh!<3 And basically we'll finally be able to hug and hold hands by the end of summer c: huzzah!
Overall, I'm happily in love and staying that way <3 He's made me ohso very happy and I'll always love him, no matter what. Love you, Jae<333

  1. ~_________~ <3

  2. :D <3

  3. <333333333333333
    you made me shreek like a little girl. so cute