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who cares? this isnt a social networking site! its a game
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3 days grace,30 seconds to mars, a day to remember, Acdc, Adolecence, the album leaf, amy lee, amiina the ataris, afi, the academy is, Aiden, the american rejects, alkine trio, the almost, amber pacific, armor for sleep, AS I LAY DYING, atreyu, auto pilot off, bayside, bedlight for blue eyes, bedouin soundclash, bless the fall, blinded black, blink 182, breathe in, the briggs, boys night out, bright eyes, cannibal corpes,the casualties, Celldweller, chiodos, city sleep, cobra starship, cross fade, cut and copy, cute is what we aim for, dethklok datarock, the devil wears prada, dashboard confesional, escape the fate,fall out boy, falling up, FROM FIRST TO LAST, flyleaf, gorillaz, geeley estate, green day, guff,haste the day, hawthorne heights, hellogoodbye, the higher, H.I.M, hole, hopesfall, hot water music, i am ghost, imperial teen, jeffree star, kill hanna, the killers, Killswitch engage, linkin park, lovehatehero, madina lake, mea, the matches marilyn manson, mayday parade, meg & dia, MindlessSelf Indulgence, motioncity soundtrack, mxpx, my american heart,my chemical romance, my epiphany, NIRVANA, nora, norma jean, the number 12 looks like you, o-zone, the offsprings, only crime, panic!at the disco, papa roach, paramore, parkway drive, the pink spiders, Plain white t's, Pink floyd, poison the well, Queens of the stone age, r.e.m, Rammstein, Rise against, Roses are red, Ryans hope, saosin, Say Anything, senses fail, set your goals, sick city, SILVERSTEIN, smoke or fire, something corporate, SONNY MOORE, sting, system of a down, taking back sunday, tatu, throw down, thursday, tokyo rose, trapt, UNDEROATH, the used, vanna. danny elfman, enzo, Raspatunia, Rancid, Oomph, Vendetta Red, Unseen, unearth, this is me smiling, Sum 41, Slipknot, serj tankian, seal, Ozzy, Olymia, Weezer, Dangerdoom, piebald, pennywise, pain, name taken, kaoro wada, kill your idols, korn, good charolette,
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MintOATH writes...
at 8:56:44pm on 3/17/12
<---new account
Mint0ATH writes...
at 9:47:05pm on 6/3/11
love! writes...
at 5:03:15am on 10/30/10
nice prof(:
Nate- writes...
at 10:24:43am on 12/20/09
Hiya, hiya! :)
A2P writes...
at 10:00:08pm on 10/25/09
awwwwwwwwww yeah. stickin it to 'em like a boss
A2P writes...
at 11:04:55am on 10/24/09
bitches talkin shit!~
Nate- writes...
at 11:53:30am on 10/20/09
Nate- writes...
at 10:40:43am on 10/18/09
Fine! Both of our hairs are divine. ;)
Nate- writes...
at 11:46:48pm on 10/17/09
B... b...but you have a red and black striped piece of hair!!!<3
Nate- writes...
at 1:19:12am on 10/17/09
Your hair is bangin' !!!
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