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About me:
I hide my birthday on my accounts so people won't know how old I am. But FFR tells you how old my account is. So you can probably guess and be pretty close. Then again, am I really even hiding it at all? I was trashy emo/scene kid back in the day and sometimes I like to go back to that style for fun.
I study Japanese and all the weebyness that goes with that. Dancing to J-Pop songs and posting it on the internet? Oh hell yeah I do that. Sometimes I read normal books too.
Fav Music:
Man do I love me some terrible Japanese Pop music. But I also break out the old edgy stuff I used to listen to. It's either sickeningly sweet or talking about wanting to die. There is no in between.
Fav Movies:
This used to say I liked Disney movies. I still like Disney movies. Horror movies are good sometimes too. But only when they're actually good. The Asian ones are usually better than the American ones I feel.
Random Thoughts
Random Poem I Made Up While Riding My Bike
Posted on: June 18, 2008, at 11:07:38am   [0 comments]
I am a little lost puppy.
Wandering in the rain.
It's cold and lonely on these streets, but I keep wandering hoping to find shelter.
At a corner I sit, and remember my last family.
The warmth, the caring, the love.
But then I'm brought back into the present.
The cold, the hunger, and worst of all the loneliness.
But through it all in every type of weather I keep wandering waiting for someone to take me in.

Now for all you people who think that that poem is actually about a puppy...your wrong it really has nothing to do with a puppy.

10 ways to know your talking to a blond
Posted on: November 9, 2007, at 05:42:23pm   [5 comments]
1. they say random things like your cheese is falling of your crackers
2.umm... their hair is blond
3.after saying something they say: "what" or "hm"
4.after being confused they suddenly go OOOOOOOOOHHHHH!
5.they are confused a lot
6. when they are confused they yell: "i don't get it"
7.they randomly burst out into song and when stopped they go: "what?"
8.They have the ability to run into things that don't move like walls
9.they can be staring right at you and not see you
10.they have conversations with themselves and inanimate objects

Collected by:
Me and Kylie (yes i am most of these)

SCHOOL NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: August 20, 2007, at 11:06:28am   [1 comment]
school is starting for me feel free to comment on my page or send me private messages but do not think that i am mad at you if i do not respond XD

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