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Posted on: January 8, 2012, at 09:59:46pm

  1. Dear megamon,
    Please gtfo of D4 and go to D5, I cannot compete with your magnitude of pr0ness.
    Seriously though, nice sick Oni get! :O

  2. Yeah it's one of those songcharts that won't load for me so I can't watch the replay. But I believe the AAA. Which by the way, if we have any contests with Team Pony, let's stick with files that load for everypony. I can vouch if something loads or not since I have the loading problem.

  3. My goodness. Words cannot describe from what I saw here. So you're in D4 in a tournament? Yeah you do look like D5 material.

  4. out of all the AAAs you've got so far, I find this the most impressive. My laptop keys deny me the ability to execute this song correctly.