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Anime, Rhythm based games.
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obsequious313 writes...
at 4:33:32pm on 12/11/08
i see you
Moshizzle writes...
at 1:18:48am on 8/25/08
What a cute avatar!
And yay!
I love Fooly Cooly!
JonXia writes...
at 10:46:08am on 7/22/08
NEKO! ^_^ Catgirls are awesome!
Esoli writes...
at 12:35:56am on 6/28/08
ty yours is cool too, I'm new and when I got bored I decided to play around with my profile
knuckles2224 writes...
at 7:52:04pm on 6/24/08
Your banner.. Isn't apart of it from a game called we heart Katimaru or something lol? I forget what it is called but it's about rolling stuff.
obsequious313 writes...
at 4:55:32pm on 6/24/08
i dont really have a favorite =)
do you have a favorite?
BigBoss37 writes...
at 4:46:01pm on 6/24/08
yessss she plays both, she's pretty good at both to, you play ffr/sm?
BigBoss37 writes...
at 4:24:51pm on 6/24/08
yeah nathan is badass, <3 that guy, nothing much nice to meet ya, I'm andrew xD
obsequious313 writes...
at 12:23:27pm on 6/24/08
mhm =) im watching Higurashi no naku koro ni right now, im on episode 18
obsequious313 writes...
at 10:29:45pm on 6/23/08
it is n.n its lucy
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