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Location:lalaland, Texas, USA
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frankiegore writes...
at 6:37:02pm on 6/12/07
FINALLY!! i'm always so lonely here. :[
frankiegore writes...
at 6:28:04pm on 6/11/07
are you on right now??
frankiegore writes...
at 4:01:11pm on 6/11/07
stupid hearts didnt work!! oh well lol.
frankiegore writes...
at 4:00:37pm on 6/11/07
i loooove you more! &hearts; &hearts; &hearts;!!!!!
chunky_cheese writes...
at 2:37:36pm on 6/10/07
Hey what's up? You seem spontaneous!!!

P.S. I gave your profile a thumbs up, hope you can do the same for me! =D
frankiegore writes...
at 6:42:07pm on 6/5/07
i love youuu. *kisses you* :]
anzolr writes...
at 8:54:42am on 6/4/07
anzolr writes...
at 8:42:03pm on 6/2/07

2 girls are in luv with me O_o
anzolr writes...
at 8:26:24pm on 6/2/07
hi, how are you?
frankiegore writes...
at 7:21:05pm on 6/2/07
lol. dont worry about it. i dont mind
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