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FFR goals
Posted on: August 15, 2020, at 10:40:31pm

This is the contents of a notepad filled of goals that i am now going to post to my profile because why not (may add more goals and update this periodically

[X]: Level 50
[X]: Level 60
[X]: Level 75
[X]: 100 FCs/AAAs
[X]: 200 FCs/AAAs
[X]: 500 FCs/AAAs
[X]: Difficulty 50+ AAA
[X]: Difficulty 60+ AAA
[X]: Difficulty 70+ AAA
[X]: Fc chipscape
[X]: Difficulty 85+ Fc
[X]: Compete in a FFR tournament
[X]: Get top 5 in a FFR tournament
[X]: 1 year on FFR
[X]: 1 Bil grandtotal
[X]: 2.5 Bil grandtotal
[X}: 3 Bil gandtotal
[X]: 5 Bil grandtotal