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superstwie writes...
at 11:22:44am on 1/11/11
thats what the number one ffr rank player sent me wheni asked for help sight reading lol
superstwie writes...
at 11:21:53am on 1/11/11
Make sure that you're using an appropriate speed mod. If you are on 1.25 or below, fix that NOW. I would say a good speed is around 1.75-2.00. Make your way to that speed until you are comfortable. Also, work on your PA. Even if you can FC level 8's and whatnot, go back to level ones and twos until you are able to AAA them. I see you have no AAA's so your PA is very weak, well, basically nonexistent. So work on your PA ASAP. If you want to work on speed, practice the harder difficulties that you're on now. Actually, going out of your comfort zone works wonders. For instance, if you are only comfortable doing 1-8, try doing 9's and 10's...BUT DO NOT MASH. Never mash. This will not help you at all. Also, don't whore songs. You'll get mindblocks. ANDDD play SM.
annie_no_pants writes...
at 3:08:36pm on 7/7/09
I just really love to eat.
I feel like a fat ass but eh!
I need to find a new game!!!!
annie_no_pants writes...
at 9:50:24pm on 7/6/09
Oops...I ate too much. xD
I have a tendency to...have a party when I eat basically.
annie_no_pants writes...
at 4:53:11pm on 7/6/09
We are probably the coolest kids in life.
annie_no_pants writes...
at 4:09:41pm on 7/6/09
And then I won't freeze anymore.
So I will certainly have to repay you with tasty foods!
annie_no_pants writes...
at 3:58:19pm on 7/6/09
Find me a nice one? ^-^
annie_no_pants writes...
at 3:37:21pm on 7/6/09
Especially when they are just yelling to try and dominate. The worst...ever.
But at least I am still happy!...besides freezing and feeling a bit sick xD
annie_no_pants writes...
at 2:23:29pm on 7/6/09
My grandma is starting her crap again.
She likes to play the victim. And she likes to yell a lot.
It made me aunt cry today.
annie_no_pants writes...
at 8:40:48pm on 7/5/09
I would hope...xD
Oh man...I had a weird and ech day today. :/
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