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hey im cory, 16, tallish like 5'11",i love to skateboard and i wish i could grow my hair out but my work wont let me ugh im single and lookin
i like skateboarding and tlkn to new ppl :)
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i love atreyu,as i lay dying,slip knot,+44,snowcone for susie,bullet for my valentine,psychostick,linkin park,papa roach,rise agains,the used,underoath,coheed and cambria,a7x,soad,sick puppies,3days grace, him,senses fail,underoath,mcr,blink 182, rap....,hatebreed,children of bodom,foofighters,john mayer,stone sour,disturbed,wow i can go on forever lets just say rap and rock.
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idk stuff i hardly go anymore
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i typed the most bipolar message to my friend on m
Posted on: August 23, 2008, at 02:01:56am   [0 comments]
i had to put it in my random thoughts because it was like 3 opposite emotions in one message dont ask me how there can be 3 opposites but there was ok and yea cheese is muy delicioso

Posted on: July 12, 2008, at 11:18:51pm   [0 comments]
i would love comments :) please and thank you

chea its bigger than it looks and the camera man s
Posted on: May 26, 2008, at 10:35:41am   [1 comment]

sexy list
Posted on: February 23, 2008, at 12:36:10am   [6 comments]
hot blonde 714(debbie)-no competition the best ever i love her so fucking much!! i wish she lived in florida(or just in the same state)
midorim-very hott :)
wynnie-shes pretty cute

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chinese girl writes...
at 4:14:44am on 7/1/09
Plan_Bsk81127 writes...
at 9:59:35pm on 1/12/09
lol, dunno, I dont think Ive talked to ya since my Spitfyre file. cant remember.
Plan_Bsk81127 writes...
at 5:53:11pm on 1/5/09
lol, this guy. >_>
XxShady_AvenuexX writes...
at 2:16:08pm on 8/31/08
lol, yeah... Ares isn't that great either, rite now it's basically a piece of crap, but we're planning on fixing it up and making it "ours". It's goin ta be awesome. =]
And that's cool ya do that too, lol.
XxShady_AvenuexX writes...
at 3:56:29pm on 8/29/08
I'm sorry ya can't find yaself a girl, that's not cool.
Hmm... lol. Okay so last night we had a school dance so my friends and I went to it but half-way through we decided to sneak out and go to the club house. So we were like the breakfast club runnin down the halls tryin not ta get caught and get outta there, which we did. Then we went ta the club house and just chilled and all, definitely good times. =]
XxShady_AvenuexX writes...
at 9:45:32pm on 8/26/08
It was and yeah, I been gettin the bad weather my way as well. School for me too, ugh. But atleast this weekend is labor day weekend! Woot!
So how are ya?
Panic4Me writes...
at 5:03:19am on 8/26/08
thanks for the vote =]
XxShady_AvenuexX writes...
at 4:23:28pm on 8/23/08
Yeah, I been pretty well.
Just having fun and all.
Went to a concert Wednesday so that was fun.
Whatcha been up ta?
xx_ColombianChica writes...
at 2:10:27am on 8/23/08
alright, good night :]
xx_ColombianChica writes...
at 2:05:29am on 8/23/08
haha no problem x]
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