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Just putting up more FC goals
Posted on: October 10, 2012, at 09:14:20pm

[x]Beware the Purple Water
[x]Time to Eye
[]Piano Concerto I'ANTI-ARES' (for kirby)
[x]Level Skip
[x]Piano Etude (Demon Fire) [Heavy]
[]G air
[]bmv .578
[x]Piano Etude (Gymnastics)
[x]Kyrie <~this one seems tough
[]Bloodmeat [Heavy]
[x]Blindfolds Aside
[x]Yorukumoryuu Yamikaze
[]Blooddrunk [Heavy]
[]To Make the End of Battle
[]Stately, Wrong
[]Amen Iraq
[]Mermaid Island
[x]Kono Spoon, Suteki desu ne
[]Silly Symphony
[]Tsugihagi Construction
[]Frictional Nevada
[]Sparkle Downer
[]Indo No Sobaya (t+pazolite Remix)
[]Magical Higan Tour 2009
[]Honki Sentai majirenjaa-MAJI eurobeat
[]Pitch Black (FFR Edit)
[]World Tour 2004
[x]Starry Sky (Tanuki Bootleg)
[x]Pokamen Party
[]Bogey at your six
[]Cinnamon Roll
[]Obscene Amount of Steam
[]Rotary Slicers

  1. Good luck with Aletheia,Starry Sky, Honki, Magical Higan Tour 2009, Amen Iraq, Mermaid Island and Blooddrunk.
    tips for Bloodmeat. Hit the trill very fast and speed up the tilling near the end of it to nail it.

  2. You won't ever FC any of these EVER.