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11/18/14, 6:14 am
Posted on: November 18, 2014, at 07:17:57am

i've been trying to improve my stats lately, which is proving difficult due to my skills not being as good as they were before the site crashed and i took a hiatus. anyone have any tips for aaa's?? of course i'm using a somewhat ancient keyboard so that doesnt help any. im hoping to pick up a mechanical keyboard on black friday.

it's been rough lately. very bad week. im glad to have this in my life, because its been a consistent stress reliever throughout the years.... i tried to make a personal/journal/depression blog, but it might not be safe from prying eyes especially because i shared it with my followers (a couple of whom probably should not be privy to the posts contained therein).

the fact remains however that i really need to force myself into the habit of keeping at least some form of journal. writing by hand has proven ineffective because it's cumbersome and time consuming. as a warning, if need be, i'll just use ffr as my journal. i need to make myself do this. thanks for understanding.