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hey guys my name is Teddy Jay Wilson but u can call me TJ or teddy or teddy bear which ever one u prefer. im 16 yrs old i love to have fun. i dnt smoke or drink im kinda weird sometimes and random but im cool to tlk to so hit me up.(random: people say i kind of look like David Archuleta cept with long hair lol)
i think ~RaWr~ is my g/f now cus my cousin kinda hooked us up so yea shes amazingly cute :D i love football, and b-ball and music.
Fav Music:
rock,rap,hiphop,metal,r&b just music that has a good beat to it.
Fav Movies:
Halloween(the new one and the old ones) Prom Night, The messengers, Dawn of the Dead, Flight of the living Dead, and kung fu panda lol
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Do i look like David Archuleta?
Posted on: August 18, 2008, at 10:06:22am   [1 comment]
i would like some answers cus i rly would like to know what people think btw if u dnt know who he is google him lol

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SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 4:39:22pm on 9/24/08
You're attractive :]
reddollar56 writes...
at 8:38:59pm on 8/19/08
hey wassup srry bout da brose45 dude he hacked my profile and den just started shit wit all kinda people so im srry bout watever he said hope we cool
sup_ppl writes...
at 10:49:20am on 8/18/08
thanks lol he is just a hard headed jurk lol
sup_ppl writes...
at 10:45:17am on 8/18/08
lol my dads a cop to!!
sup_ppl writes...
at 10:41:44am on 8/18/08
lol thanks but he is really making me mad lol!! and idk and im not gona try it lol!!
brose45 writes...
at 10:36:48am on 8/18/08
im not leave me alone
paiiqexo16 writes...
at 10:34:22am on 8/18/08
yeah i have no idea.
brose45 writes...
at 10:34:09am on 8/18/08
shut up
tashia[[is dead]] writes...
at 10:33:20am on 8/18/08
haha, thank you [[:
tashia[[is dead]] writes...
at 10:25:52am on 8/18/08
haha, that's good. and no problem.
thank you for the photo comment as well.
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