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My name is Kyle but people call me Karl. My favorite things include Girls, DDR, ITG, Stepmania, Flirting, and much more.
Girls, DDR, ITG, Video games,Invader Zim, Bleach, South Park.
Fav Music:
Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Some Black Metal, any metal.
Fav Movies:
The Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Saw 1,2,3,
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Comment wall
XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 8:27:50pm on 7/26/19
Hey man, I know it's been years and doubt you'll ever see this but if you do, hope everythings been going good for you.
neojock writes...
at 3:21:28pm on 7/28/09
I just made a Lower Norfair/ Magmoor Caverns Remix! It's 14 on Challenge, hope you can beat it!
wolf pry writes...
at 1:09:03pm on 7/17/09
haha tht sux....but the dmv is always busy theres not 1 day tht theres not a ton of ppl there=/
wolf pry writes...
at 12:46:18am on 7/14/09
im good, i have just been busy with school and stuff so i havent really been on much....u?
neojock writes...
at 5:39:31pm on 5/13/09
Hey! In reply to your last message: Yup. I'm doing great! School is only five weeks, and my fourteenth b-day is coming up. I'm getting a laptop!
deathangelx13x writes...
at 12:32:47am on 3/28/09
saw the vid and commented and added to fav's. Thanks bro that made me smile a hell of a ton. And Kudos on the simfile grade...almost a FC!!!!
deathangelx13x writes...
at 11:34:45pm on 3/27/09
sure that would be sweet you making a vid of you playing Hall of the Mountain King. that would make me really happy bro go and do it when you have time! ^_^
keilah?!? writes...
at 2:31:50pm on 3/15/09
i have an idea go to the chat box thingy kk then click on the one that says garbagebin and ill be in that one kk
keilah?!? writes...
at 2:28:43pm on 3/15/09
hi wuts up wanna chat lolz im board need a life or a friend
keilah?!? writes...
at 2:08:09pm on 3/15/09
gud board dieng needing a friend needing sumthing to do a life u no the useual but wut evs
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