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hey im dee i love tennis running and all my friends <33 and im 14 and from michigan
umm not school sports and i love meeting new people
Fav Music:
oh thats tough top bands probably the killers my chemical romance and rap
Fav Movies:
another hard one the notebook scary movie 4 tons of others
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crazygirl9412 writes...
at 6:25:20pm on 2/21/07
omg!!! hazel!! remember me?...
matt_eichhorst writes...
at 8:03:44pm on 11/13/06
hey wats up
hot_brunette2xo writes...
at 9:23:47pm on 11/12/06
gosh why didnt u add us 2 ur buddies!!! am i not ur friend?? =(
cherryflavoredxoxo writes...
at 2:37:12pm on 11/12/06
hot_brunette2xo writes...
at 5:09:34pm on 11/11/06
hello darling. lol. wats up?? other than the ceiling?? hahaha..that never gets old.
Crazy_hyper writes...
at 8:53:38pm on 11/10/06
HiHi Poophead =]!! Lol!
Jks your not a poophead =]!!
Your a..CoCoHead =]!!! LOL!!
bartolomehorses writes...
at 8:51:58pm on 11/10/06
hi wanna add me and i'll add you 2plz
bartolomehorses writes...
at 8:51:57pm on 11/10/06
hi wanna add me and i'll add you 2plz
crazygirl9412 writes...
at 9:45:36pm on 9/29/06
hiiiiiiiiiiii hazel!!!!!!!! *Hugs*
Crazy_hyper writes...
at 7:44:48pm on 9/25/06
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