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I AM GIR HEAR ME ROAR. i like.......pppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggyyy!!!!!!!!but seiruzly i like them. but i just say it for fun. cuz its cool.i run fast so yah,iam12,i like chiken teriyaki,pandas rok, i like geography and asl iz 12/m/florida so YAY!!!!! iam a filopino BOY YAY!!!!!
gir and tacos and anime iz coooolll yay, i like anime but i havent seen all ov it so i want to go 2 japan and i also like its like nikolodeon and cartoonnetwork characters turned anime.pandas are mi fav animal.myfav anime iz uhhhh naruto,bleach,cant think rite now uuuhhh megaman iz
Fav Music:
anythang and hell song u can find hell song on utube by typing it.i like kosaka riyu and her ddr songs o and catoon heroes iz like awwwwsssoommme
Fav Movies:
um kicking and screaming and tacos and recess schools out and inuyasha1234 all ov them uuhh matilda
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Posted on: September 30, 2007, at 08:03:49pm   [0 comments]

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Doom song
Posted on: October 30, 2006, at 07:03:27pm   [0 comments]
iam goin 2 sing the doom song

Doom doom doom doom doom doom doda do doom doomdu da do do do doom doom dom doom doomy doom doom doda doom doom doom dauauau doom doom doom doomy (six months later)
doom doom doom doom doomy doda doom doom doomyda doom doomyYAY!........... piggggggy

? ?? ?? ?
Posted on: September 23, 2006, at 08:31:00pm   [0 comments]
,d,g,d,y,s,k,vg,j,f, s,h,t wat does that spel yes pie YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!

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Little Lolita Chick writes...
at 3:11:38pm on 11/6/10
hello there gir
hategirl writes...
at 2:37:58pm on 2/2/08
god i love gir...he'z freakin awesome!!
2sam3 writes...
at 11:13:27am on 1/12/08
where did u get those pics
i want them!!
Azn_Cutie14 writes...
at 8:00:45pm on 9/30/07
HI TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Azn_Cutie14 writes...
at 5:51:58am on 9/17/07
pinayprincess101 writes...
at 9:07:34pm on 7/24/07
hi girboy
viri1993 writes...
at 6:52:46pm on 7/24/07
gummygummybear4 writes...
at 8:42:21pm on 7/5/07
i can run fast to and i like grr
sex_kitten101 writes...
at 11:47:23am on 7/5/07
yay for Gir.....and...Zim..b ut mostly Gir. ^_^

Nice profile, thumbs up.

GOKU3426 writes...
at 7:52:24pm on 6/20/07
want a freind
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