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mrrubixx writes...
at 11:28:30am on 10/17/10
=D wassup homgirl rofl if u even know this is working again if u find out anytime soon just go ahead and comment on my board yo
mrrubixx writes...
at 1:52:15pm on 11/7/09
mrrubixx writes...
at 1:51:55pm on 11/7/09
the alley is the 2nd biggest theater in the country!!!!! about as big as getting a part on broadway and i got 2 parts scrooge at 14 and peter cratchit bob cratchits oldest son its the play a christmas carol ive met a lot of new friends and the praduction is very very fun
mrrubixx writes...
at 11:29:51am on 10/3/09
i got a part at the alley and am getting paid 475 dollars ;)
mrrubixx writes...
at 4:49:39pm on 8/28/09
im homeschooled
mrrubixx writes...
at 2:37:55pm on 8/26/09
i wrote back...
mrrubixx writes...
at 2:31:54pm on 7/30/09
mrrubixx writes...
at 3:56:26pm on 7/28/09
:( im deppresed 1 in 3 days
mrrubixx writes...
at 3:23:20pm on 7/19/09
=O kooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great congrats =)
mrrubixx writes...
at 5:09:30pm on 7/16/09
IT WENT GREAT!!! =D i got the part of the king and a towns person ^^ i have a duet with the queen 4 my solo i sung the mini gaston solo part in belle from b and t b
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