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Tasselfoot writes...
at 2:45:01am on 8/7/07
his username is lightdarkness. he's one of the admins
Tasselfoot writes...
at 1:30:21am on 8/7/07
as per LD, who handles these matters, you were cheating. end of story
nestlekwik writes...
at 6:31:02pm on 8/6/07
I don't do anything db related. You'll need to have the issue addressed by jasonkey, lightdarkness, synthlight or have Tass directly explain the issue. Like jasonkey said, the issue has been passed on so please be patient as Tass is out for the night
JasonKey writes...
at 6:29:06pm on 8/6/07
I have no reason to ignore you.

It is being discussed, and you will be notified if there were issues that can be solved
Haru0ro writes...
at 2:16:33am on 8/6/07
HELLO!! ^_^
KIDTHONG writes...
at 2:13:32am on 8/6/07
ROFL! 3 ppl playing at once eh? well thats not a bad idea haha
KIDTHONG writes...
at 2:12:51am on 8/6/07
i know its easy to get 200 million if i wanted i could get a billion in less then a day which im going to do next week...its just that i have carpal tunnel in my hands and they cant last long
KIDTHONG writes...
at 2:11:10am on 8/6/07
and no im just saying you flew right thru the top daily ranks and got to the top in 2 hours im giving you props
KIDTHONG writes...
at 2:09:54am on 8/6/07
LOL jk haha nice grand total tho XD like a few days ago i got from 0 to 233 mill while second was in the 100 mills HAHA it was funny XD.i dont hax tho its legit
KIDTHONG writes...
at 2:08:20am on 8/6/07
nice fake grand total...and nice cover up...soo what site did you use for the dl's?
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