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Current goal(s)
Posted on: September 6, 2020, at 02:08:35pm

Wanted to post some goal-setting:

500 tier points (Tier 2) -- 431/500

So my main goal right now is actually tier points since I'm getting very close to Tier 2. Currently at 431/500, so 69 more 😛. I have three 0/X tier point songs left (which means I just need to pass them). So three songs that I've never gotten around to finishing. The rest of my 0/X's are unlocks that I have no chance at unlocking at the moment.

I think my next set of tier point bumps will likely come from improving 1/7, 1/8, 1/9's -> 2/7, 2/8, 2/9.. s these are high FMO's to low-mid FGO's. I find that (especially for FGO's) getting the second tier point on a song generally means I completed the song feeling like I kind of knew what I was doing, so that'll also be a pretty good gauge for fluidity gains on FGO's.

Other ongoing goals:
PFC more high VC's and FMO's - I've got two low FMO's, one 69, one 68, and quite a few in the 60-66 range.
1000 AAA's - My AAA count seems to change depending on which part of the site I'm visiting, but the tier points page seems to be a good source of truth -- I have 904, with a bunch of new easier things I've never played, so I think getting to 1000 shouldn't be much of a problem