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Posted on: July 20, 2009, at 12:09:14pm   [0 comments]
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Comment wall
Pyren writes...
at 1:52:25am on 9/30/12
Just cause i got on today..... HI YOU! I STILL SUCK AT THIS! XD Heheheheh!
hahaujusdied writes...
at 5:34:45pm on 8/27/09
thanks a lot idk if it was worth playing for 2 months but i got it haha
hahaujusdied writes...
at 5:39:01pm on 8/13/09
on the trills my advice is to tap them really loudly and try to get a rhythm it may take a few tries but it worked for me thats how i got a 3 0 0 0
hahaujusdied writes...
at 5:09:13pm on 8/13/09
this song isnt too bad once you get the trillz down.. i keep taking a bf into the trillz instead of a AAA and its ticking me off i know that one time im gonna fluke the trills and if i dont have an AAA going up to them ill be pissed haha
Pyren writes...
at 9:25:17am on 8/12/09
OMFG i got on for like the first time in months....IM SUCH A FLIPPIN NOOB ON HERE XD
hahaujusdied writes...
at 10:01:52pm on 8/10/09
lol i probably have an AAA in me but im not gonna try screw that.
hahaujusdied writes...
at 5:39:44pm on 8/10/09
yes! i got a 2 0 0 0 to almost certainly send me to round 6 :D :D that song was just pissing my ass off soo much im not playing it any more ever lolol
goodgamenub writes...
at 1:58:42am on 8/10/09
wow so lucky, i forgot about ffr last week.. i woulda AAA round 4 song too.. i was busy getting license and all other good stuff
hahaujusdied writes...
at 10:35:41pm on 8/9/09
yeah well i think 5 will be fine, #17 is at 9 and 18 at 11.. thats a big difference to make up, but i havent played in a few days maybe i can improve mine idk.
hahaujusdied writes...
at 7:50:51pm on 8/9/09
woo woo well lets see if we can make it with a 5 0 0 0
i think we're safe but i might try to get a 4 or 3 if i can later.
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