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i like rhythm games
rhythm games
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rhythm game music
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dance dance revolution movie
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Location:this is too much information, Texas, USA
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: August 9, 2021, at 12:49:31pm   [3 comments]
i appreciate it
Posted on: August 8, 2021, at 11:29:39am   [2 comments]
Comment wall
GoPico! writes at 4:34:07pm on 8/21/21
flipqy is a u h meaner ver of flippy :/
GoPico! writes at 4:33:08pm on 8/21/21
I'm flippy (not flipqy btw)
driorane writes at 5:23:54pm on 8/20/21
legoalvin123 writes at 9:28:19pm on 8/19/21
are you mario
GoPico! writes at 12:02:17am on 8/9/21
if i dont see yu ill friend you instead
GoPico! writes at 12:01:49am on 8/9/21
ok, i will accept tmmr to lazy to do it today!
driorane writes at 10:24:51pm on 8/8/21
ok i sent a friend request i think i found you :D
GoPico! writes at 8:49:42pm on 8/8/21
But now the display name is Little_Foggy hxuis ajdqfhdh sjmxzhcxzhnxcnhxbnnh cnhnz
GoPico! writes at 8:48:53pm on 8/8/21
(ik its random but idgaf) IDont_Know3366 (if its wrong ill check again tmmr!)
The display name is Little_Foggy (the Froggy turned into a Foggy????)
driorane writes at 10:16:37am on 8/8/21
whats your username