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punisher1000 writes...
at 6:33:26pm on 2/17/09
haha dude u shud of got her celll num i talk 2 her alot we droped the site along time ago
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 12:45:29am on 7/3/08
sure but i am going to do something brb
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 12:41:06am on 7/3/08
*gets hit and smiles* interesting*strikes at mid back*
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 12:34:52am on 7/3/08
*hits you at your feet and at your arm*
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 12:30:13am on 7/3/08
it's a type of sword it's all cool and stuff
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 12:25:54am on 7/3/08
*picks a rapier* ready?
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 12:18:12am on 7/3/08
*looks at you* um sure*gets prepared*
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 11:37:29pm on 7/2/08
no i don't lol and i don't knwo we just do and that cake on the floor is medicine
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 11:30:35pm on 7/2/08
mwhahahahaha no mwahahahahahahah! and i don't have school mwahahahahaahha!
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 9:14:26pm on 7/1/08
gaz......FTW! i don't know i have an fan girl moment about her lol
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