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rzr writes at 9:34:46am on 12/30/15
well what bothers me is like I just got my first 20+ AAA. and I can Blackflag those songs too, but for some reason I can't remain consistent. Out of the 50 times I FC'd excite bike yesterday only 3 of them were a AAA. like how does that make sense lol
rzr writes at 12:42:29pm on 12/28/15
yeah haha that's me!
tho tbh I have been trying spread. I'm pretty comfy with a "asil" I put the I up becasue my finger naturally reaches up for it.
But I can't get used to the spread fast enough - I can't even blackflag excite bike with my spread hasha
rzr writes at 10:10:05am on 12/19/15
Daaaamn I;m so mad I didn't see that last comment! Some of those songs I didn't even know we had on FFR - like Less talk more rokk.
What finger placements did you use before? I keep trying to convert to a spread but ugh lol it's soooo hard to break the habit
rzr writes at 11:01:23am on 12/9/15
hey hey thats friggin dope I'm jellin :p
Hope the background helps now haha
devilstefan666 writes at 2:00:49pm on 11/29/15
rzr writes at 4:31:13pm on 11/24/15
ayy but at least you did it right? I can't pull that FC even lol
rzr writes at 1:37:29pm on 11/7/15
you're going hard on kagami lol, every time I refresh the homepage I see you on Kagami haha