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Hi, my name is Kevin. Just an average person who loves video games, DDR, rhythm games, making Let's Play videos, deathcore music, and life :) There was a time where I used to go to this site all the time back in the day and loving it to bits. I still get on it from time to time but not the way I used to. Well anyways, wanna know more? My Facebook and YouTube is in the profile. Thank you and have a nice day :)
ffr, ddr, rhythm games, Final Fantasy, K-pop, Anime, Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, tattoos, fire emblem, and the tales of series
Fav Music:
Death Metal/Deathcore, dubstep, and K-pop
Fav Movies:
Napolean Dynamite, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Bruce Lee films, Jackie Chan films, etc.
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Wow, 10 year old account!
Posted on: November 20, 2017, at 07:51:41pm   [0 comments]
I had this account when I was in 9th grade. I wanted a way to play DDR on the computer and somehow I found this. I can't believe this site is still alive and well. I remembered a time where the site was down for a year and I was completely devastated. All the friends I made on here were gone and I had no other way in contacting them outside of FFR. I waited forever to get on again because I missed playing. Then one day, I randomly got on and there it was! The site was back up and I was able to play again :D

Youtube Channel
Posted on: June 12, 2012, at 04:09:30am   [0 comments]

Hey guys, what's up? I have never done a random thought post and I have had this account forever. I know that crazy :P But anyways, I'm going to leave my youtube channel in this thing so you guys can go check it out if you want

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katanaeyegaming writes...
at 2:21:52pm on 10/13/21
Given how old his profile is I'm not sure how accurate that is but Death metal is THE SHIT my guy
dxxxbomb writes...
at 10:27:58pm on 7/31/21
I'm great hope you're doing alright as well 🤗
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 10:05:03pm on 7/20/12
Hahah well... this place is pretty dead XD But I do occasionally check up on it :D
dxxxbomb writes...
at 1:10:56pm on 6/13/12
about to play some got damn ffr yo
dxxxbomb writes...
at 12:23:52am on 6/13/12
haha i didnt know either sweet whats up
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 4:33:39pm on 6/8/12
Heyy :D How are you?? It's been a while
NocturneAunamic writes...
at 8:14:14pm on 11/30/10
Add this account instead, i lost my password to my RB_Mapleleaf account.
Ikaros writes...
at 7:11:37pm on 11/27/10
Thanks for the aaaaaadd :)
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 9:52:37am on 10/12/09
heyz! thanks for the pic comment XD
howve ya been dude?!
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 8:42:27pm on 3/31/09
thats pretty rockstar dude!
i have checkered ones XD theyre yellow and black.
it kinda reminds me of a taxi tho...
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