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I play DDR, FFR, Counter Strike : Source, and Bitches. Sup.
Eyes, Lips, Butt. Martial Arts Tricking.
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DUB-MOTHERFUCKIN'-STEP. EDM Gave birth to your grandma.. and killed her too.
Fav Movies:
Something that has to do with Seth Rogan I'm sure.
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Posted on: July 27, 2011, at 11:27:04pm   [1 comment]
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Ace_Girl writes at 10:58:38pm on 9/27/13
No and sure, when are you avaiable?
Ace_Girl writes at 3:37:32pm on 9/6/12
Thank you .
Midnight_Sparrow writes at 5:27:50pm on 8/1/11
well shucks thank you! I like my eyes but not so much my lips so i really appreciate you saying that ^^
Midnight_Sparrow writes at 5:18:35pm on 7/28/11
well he had one good idea, because being straight foward is always the best choice and because of that i do indeed respect your bravery! ^_^
Midnight_Sparrow writes at 12:32:45am on 7/28/11
haha i don't think its that easy ;P