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chunky_cheese writes...
at 11:19:26pm on 5/4/07
Hello there :)
I gave your profile a thumbs up! Hope you can vote mine too.
Happy FFR'ing!
P.S. I took the liberty of sending your request along with dozens of others to JasonKey , the profiles guru! Your welcome :)
blackwidow490 writes...
at 8:35:23pm on 3/17/07
um ok hi
blackwidow490 writes...
at 11:51:31pm on 3/10/07
hey what happened to all ur pics??
bunnybooboo writes...
at 6:54:10pm on 2/28/07

davidffr writes...
at 9:12:44pm on 2/23/07
this guy are old with the b-day well i am doing fine you know broke up with the girl but well got to get over that somday so the suner the beter se ya.

p.s Igot somone elese goes to my school and well man she is good loking why am i telling you this cuz were frends well se ya and nice pics loking good.
well that is so good that u get over me im not the best person in the world kk and if u don mind me saying i stil love u alot but ya dont want your gf to get mad so byeeeee for ever and just to tell u i will never get over u but ya bye
bunnybooboo writes...
at 4:50:13pm on 2/26/07
u is no bitch u is my x boo i still love u to but i really love daniel and i onbe hoped that we could b togeather but oveiousley we can be togeaher im so sorry this is all my fault im so sorry baby i luv u but my heart belongs to daniel god and i know we are going to b togeather for long time so bye
bunnybooboo writes...
at 4:44:49pm on 2/26/07
well thanx alot and well ya i guess this is bye im crying b/c i really liked u but my life belongs tomy boo daniel and we belong to geather to well bye
revolutionomega writes...
at 2:01:38pm on 2/25/07
ehh nm yo
how about u?
djayr_7295 writes...
at 10:27:57am on 2/24/07
are you there?
Panic4Me writes...
at 9:34:16am on 2/24/07
ur welcome, eddie will always be alive in our hearts =)
yeah_im_ashlee writes...
at 9:10:06am on 2/24/07
gracias =)
sorry bout the girl, but im glad you found someone else =D
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