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Its been a while
Posted on: December 26, 2019, at 07:13:40am

I've still been active playing FFR but its been a while since I posted on my wall. These past couple of years I've been maining DDR a lot more passing 15's in the sub 980k range and playing up to 18's on some good days. However, with FFR I've been getting really lucky achieving better scores on higher songs with less than 1.5 levels left until D6.

It's completely possible for me to bum rush it right now with certain songs but that won't be doing me any good since I still need to improve on multiple techniques. Soon I will post a road map on requirements that I deem to be acceptable before jumping up to a higher division and will play alot more to accomplish those goals.

The D5 wall will be climbed in due time but I have to also brace myself for what lies beyond in ascended playing field of D6.