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A recap of the past year
Posted on: October 27, 2015, at 09:23:02pm

Its been a long year and I would say that I have been enjoying my time in the ffr community. When I first joined I was so filled with DETERMINATION that I thought that I would reach D7 in a matter of weeks (oh boi was I wrong about that). But At the point of typing this I am surprised to see how much I have improved. I now have a GT of 5.758 and my rank has dropped down to 1,077. I used to be scared to do level 45 songs and now I'm banging out Fc's in the low 70's. I have involved myself a little more in the community playing in tournaments and what not and I hope this year I would push myself to join the official tournament and try to not make a complete clown of myself. Also this January I plan to play ffr at my school talent show, I wonder what that would turn out to be like lol.