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How,why, and my tenacious ambition to play FFR
Posted on: February 3, 2014, at 08:15:21pm

It was the final days of school until freshmen summer and my friend brought his psp to school. He gave me his PsP and I scrolled down through the various games that he had until I reached a game called DJ maxed portable 2 judging on its name I knew It was a rythem game so I tried it out and as you would expect I fucking bomb that game but that did not stop me from loving this genre of this type of game,I wanted more. I went home and search up a good rythem game and then I stumbled onto FFR and I Bomb that crap out of that too but when I looked at pro players profiles on FFR that made me so fucking determined that I will fucking make it to the top!!! in less than 8 months of no experience I got to rank 6,166 and hit 1 billion but in a week and a half I already got up to 1,266,552,910 and im aiming to get to 2 billion in less than 2 weeks and by the time anyone reads this I will have become better than I was when I was typing this.