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cheetahluver99 writes...
at 6:04:37pm on 11/29/07
i like ur colors 2
cheetahluver99 writes...
at 6:04:05pm on 11/29/07
nice profile
KairinKitten writes...
at 6:32:45pm on 11/9/07
Been better. Haven't been on in forever! Ugh! Whatcha been up to? O.o
My__Chemical__Romance writes...
at 9:59:58am on 9/22/07
cheetahluver99 writes...
at 8:54:16am on 9/22/07
itachi_kitty writes...
at 6:06:17am on 8/29/07
LOS..?! X0
KIDTHONG writes...
at 12:59:20am on 8/27/07
can u help me and go to newblues page and tell him to give back KIDTHONGS 150K?
itachi_kitty writes...
at 7:05:25pm on 8/22/07
Hello, Long time no see ttyl -bubye- x3
raymar_yu writes...
at 7:38:39pm on 8/16/07
Killer90_angel_Cat writes...
at 6:00:15pm on 8/8/07
*laughs a bit* thanks... I love Rapors more though ^_^
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