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What up, name's Wayne. I'm just a dude who likes playing rhythm games and chilling.
Going out, rapping/singing, dancing, making music, fighting games, rhythm games, and some other stuff I can't think about right now.
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Mainly hip-hop and R&B Also enjoy funk, soul/neo-soul
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Menace II Society, Friday, The Goonies, Don't Be A Menace
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Posted on: July 8, 2020, at 07:41:32pm   [0 comments]
So I never have said anything on here but yo, what's good y'all? If you're competing in the tournament then I hope you guys are killin it in that :D for me, tournament's been goin well! Can't wait to see what round 3's got in store for us.
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euphoriakisses writes at 4:44:46pm on 8/29/20
Thanks dude! :3
euphoriakisses writes at 2:12:29am on 8/29/20
Hey, nice AAA in the first round of the MC Tournie. :D
HBar writes at 11:49:57pm on 7/15/20
You AAA'd TURBO in 4 tries? Very impressive.
HBar writes at 4:32:50pm on 7/2/20
Nice AAA, it looks like there’s gonna be some intense competition in this division
flipsta_lombax writes at 1:41:01pm on 4/30/20
hoy boi
A Lilac writes at 1:10:01pm on 8/30/18
James May writes at 5:16:47pm on 7/2/17
You >:V
rawr900 writes at 9:53:25pm on 6/16/16
Skype is xrawr900x
happyhardcor3 writes at 3:20:45am on 6/16/16
thanks for the invite =P
rawr900 writes at 1:41:41am on 6/16/16
^_^ Thanks for accepting~