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chinese girl
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will08 writes...
at 11:11:16pm on 12/9/10
i think chinese is hard to learn :( thats why im learning korean hahah i already finished one semester of class with korean i learned how to read and write :)
will08 writes...
at 11:06:46pm on 12/9/10
i love chinese girls :)
will08 writes...
at 11:06:35pm on 12/9/10
loved your pics and lol at your comments ima put you in my friends list again i thought you were there o well ill do it again
gothkid13 writes...
at 8:39:21pm on 12/9/10
ur profiles a little plain but i'll give you a thumbs up because your cute :)
will08 writes...
at 12:12:19pm on 12/9/10
Asian chicks are the best :) Love chinese, korean, and japanese girls LOVED YOUR PICS :P keep them comming hahaha btw do you know korean ?? Im studing korean and can read and write
retching oesophagus writes...
at 7:13:38pm on 11/8/09
will08 writes...
at 9:34:59pm on 10/29/09
come back :) we miss you
will08 writes...
at 8:51:39am on 10/28/09
ive been ok but busy with college
also you've been missed here come back soon :)
will08 writes...
at 6:11:17pm on 9/13/09
do you ever play this game ?? u should practice and get good :)
will08 writes...
at 10:58:13am on 9/5/09
cute virtual card but i cant read Chinese
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