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Hey guys! im carmela but call me mel :) uhmm im 15 & italian , im currently living in australia but im going to china in october for a while so im exicted about that!. I live for the beach , my friends , summer & partiees add me if you , its cool to meet nice people but dont stalk i will kill you x3
music is life :]
Fav Music:
theres heaps! my fav is rnb dance,trance,elektro & such = S E X music :)
Fav Movies:
harry potter - omg addicted! but theres heaps moreeee
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Ashlay XOX writes...
at 5:37:10am on 4/10/09
Nice profile!♥
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 8:18:56am on 4/29/08
hey thnxz 4 the add
king-herbie writes...
at 10:06:54pm on 2/27/08
hey ur hell hot how r u
Giovanni_00 writes...
at 2:52:05pm on 1/17/08
well im in ohio right now :( which is pretty boring ....ever since i moved here about 2 months ago ive been planning to get my car and license as soon as i finish my school year and get out of this state.....well anyways ... i know im random but im like that all the time ^-^
Giovanni_00 writes...
at 5:53:30am on 1/16/08
and ive had no sleeeeeeeeeeeeep all night O.O .....thats y im drinking coffee ^.^ so now im freakin hyper and typing like crazy!!!!!!! lol
Giovanni_00 writes...
at 5:51:46am on 1/16/08
nm .....O.o its a crazy morning here ...wait isnt it like
7pm over there cuz over here its 6:50 am and well im trying to finish up this project that i have to finish up by 10:45 am ......its driving me crazy O.o ...its a 40 minute powerpoint+poster presentation for mythology
Tarrik writes...
at 5:31:32am on 1/16/08
Haha, Sydney is gewd. Added you on em es en :P and the name doesnt bother me Lol
Giovanni_00 writes...
at 5:22:33am on 1/16/08
BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! O.O i think i know someone that lives in Sydney as well
Tarrik writes...
at 5:11:15am on 1/16/08
Mind if i add you on msn? :)
Tarrik writes...
at 5:05:55am on 1/16/08
And saying your not pretty is a lie >.< Nice to meet you Mel :)
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