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Posted on: April 11, 2023, at 05:56:39pm   [0 comments]
It's fun playing with the rest of D5 in spirit. Didn't think I'd do as well as I did so far, having a AAA on each of the songs, including a new 82, but I know my luck ends there. Only way I'd come close to SDGing anything higher than 85 is if they gave us little god channel, which I think is way too easy to be an 89 compared to some 75+ songs that I struggle with. Oh well!

Good luck to everyone participating!
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Onikira writes at 6:46:06pm on 3/31/23
300 more in less than a week, peak gaming.
arrowmaster17 writes at 8:04:00pm on 3/29/23
1500 AAA. big W - @scok3r
Onikira writes at 5:35:11pm on 3/23/23
1200 AAAs, woo!
MysticChromium writes at 8:07:55pm on 3/21/23
nice job on 1k AAAs
AAAorQUIT writes at 12:12:50pm on 3/9/22
you cant remember your password :(